Leaking Basement Window Below Grade

The window well on the basement frequently causes water leaks in the basement. That is frequently due to rotted caulking and wood, a shifting foundation, and cracks developing around the window well frame. If you discover that a leak is being caused in your basement by your basement window, there are a couple of things that can be done.

Caulk The Basement Window

When water comes through the basement window, here are a few solutions for you. If the window is not caulked, that is the first line of defense. You may be able to solve your problem by just simply caulking your window well. Remember that if the window has been leaking for a while already, the framing around your window might be rotting and damaged and could result in additional repairs needing to be done.

Install a New Window Well

You might want to get new window wells for the basement windows. Window wells are curved pieces of steel inserts that have corrugated pipe used to block moisture from windows when they are below grade level and to drain water away that has entered the area. If you have window wells but no gravel, then you might want to add some gravel inside of the window wells. Their corrugated inserts have been designed for routing water away but at times the well might become overwhelmed by how much rain they get and over time might clog as well, which makes them useless.

Window Well Covers

Window wells, over time, can get clogged up with dirt, leaves, or even snow. Every once in a while they must be cleaned out. You can purchase covers to help to decrease how much debris and water enters into the window wells. Make sure you do your research and also consult with a waterproofing professional to get the best covers for your window or repair the window well covers that you currently have.

Adjust the Grade Surrounding The Window

As previously mentioned, the grade on the exterior of your house can definitely effect leaking windows. A grade that slopes towards your house definitely can contribute to getting leaking basement windows and may result in a flooded or wet basement.

If the grade is sloped toward your house or if you have a grade that is too high over the window area, then repairing your windows will not stop the leaking. A professional landscaper or waterproofing company can help you correct the problems. Water will often enter into your basement in multiple locations or ways. It always is a great way to talk to a licensing, waterproofing professional who has expertise and experience in waterproofing basements when you are dealing with these problems.

Install New Windows

If you have older windows, they might have to be replaced. As previously mentioned, if it is a leak that has been around for a while, then the frame surrounding the window might be rotted or damaged and have to also be replaced. A shifting foundation may also result in damage to your window frame and you might need a new window that has a proper seal. Here are more solutions for window well leaking water into the basement