Window Well Leaking Water Into Basement

A basement window well that’s leaking can be all it takes to have your basement flooded. Flooding and dampness are perhaps the most significant risks of damage that basements in most homes face. Not many homeowners may think much about their basements, but these are important rooms in homes.

More often than not, the repairs done in homes include a bit of fixing of the basement. Such projects are often attributed to poor maintenance and repair efforts for the basement. Speak to a qualified Waterproofing Rep at

If your basement is flooded, then the problem may be due to water seeping through a crack in the walls or foundation or the basement window well. If your dilemma is attributed to a leaking window well, below are the steps to take to repair the window well:

Repair window well

  • Step 1: Examine the Windows

    • Assess the window for damages. Be keen so that you do not miss any holes or cracks around the window. Dig into the holes or the cracks you find opening them up so that they are fully exposed. You can do this using a chisel and hammer. Do not forget to wear protective gear for your eyes to prevent stray chips of cement from poking your eyes.
  • Step 2: Fill the Cracks

    • Fill the enlarged holes and cracks with wet cement which should be in the ration of 5:1 (5-parts cement to 1-part water. Use a trowel to push in the cement and ensure all the holes and cracks are tightly filled and level. Allow the cement to set, give it around 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: Install the Drainage Duct

    • For large window wells, drill a hole underneath the window sill leaving a few inches between it and the holes or cracks you opened up. Drill the hole making sure it opens outside the house. The objective is to allow you to drain all the flood water from the basement.
    • Insert a metal or plastic pipe into the hole to help with draining the water. Ensure that the hole you drill will allow the pipe to be a snug fit with no room for water to sip between the two. Use a pipe that is long enough to rest halfway between the outside and inside. Put a grate over the outer end of the pipe to keep debris from blocking the outlet. Finish with placing a well duct over the pipe.